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V/A Killed By Death #18 Cassette

V/A Killed By Death #18 Cassette


KBD #18 straight from HELL, NORWAY. With liner notes and classy labels......ALL AMERICAN PUNK, NO FOREIGN JUNK!

A personal fave around Termbo HQ with monster cuts from Defex, Dogs (Iowa), Snuky Tate, Meaty Buys, Shit Dogs, Ebenezer & The Bludgeons and more, more, more! This one's for the thieves and the thievers, you know who you are....


A1 Defex Machine Gun Love
A2 Dogs Teen Slime
A3 Lubricants Transformation Vacation
A4 Dennis Most & The Instigators Excuse My Spunk
A5 Abuse In America
A6 Shell Shock My Way
A7 Meaty Buys Criminal Mind
A8 Nubs Little Billy's Burning
A9 Teenage PHD's Eat, Sleep And Fuck
B1 Destry Hampton And The Wolves From Hell Paradise
B2 Snuky Tate Can You Dance To It
B3 Gynecologists Sex Orgy With The Bradee Bunch
B4 Ebeneezer And The Bludgeons Fake
B5 Aunt Helen Big Money
B6 The Eat Jimmy B. Good
B7 Jayne Doe As The World Turns
B8 Lepers Coitus Interruptus
B9 Shit Dogs World War III

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