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V/A Killed By Death #19 Cassette

V/A Killed By Death #19 Cassette


Killed By Death #19 straight from HELL, NORWAY. All American Punk, No Foreign Junk! Another star studded line-up from later in the game compiling bonzers from the likes of Epicycle, Panics, Exit, Jackie Shark & The Beach Butchers, Reactors, Electroflex, our buddies the Carpets and so much more....with insert/liners. Limited to 50 copies. Kill Hirb Cane!!!!!


1 Jackie Shark And The Beach Butchers 2nd Generation Rising
2 Reactors* I Want Sex
3 Reactors* Seduction Center
4 Exit* Out In The Street
5 Killer Bees TV Violence
6 N.Y. Niggers* Just Like Dresden '45
7 Panics* Kill It
8 Penetrators* Teenage Lifestyle
9 Noise* Let's Have Some Fun Tonight
10 Brain Police* Kind Of A Drag
11 Carpets Kill Hirb Cane
12 Insults* Zombie Lover
13 Electroflex (2) 8th Avenue
14 Epicycle Underground
15 Executives Resistance
16 K-Tels* Where Are You?

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