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V/A Killed By Death #8 1/2 Cassette

V/A Killed By Death #8 1/2 Cassette


KBD #8.5 straight from HELL, NORWAY. With liner notes, the fellas over at Redrum upped the production values this time around with new cassettes this time, no more recycled church tapes.....GRIND HER UP.

With hits from Tapeworm, Crap Detectors, Ice Nine, Vains, Gizmos, Hammer Damage, La Peste and more...


A1 Toxin III I Rock I Ran
A2 Seizure Frontline
A3 Cosmetics Twinkie Madness
A4 Reactors L.A. Sleaze
A5 Haskels Taking The City By Storm
A6 Dow Jones And The Industrials Can't Stand The Midwest
A7 Crucified Let The Kids Play
A8 Uncalled 4 Grind Her Up
A9 Snuky Tate Stage Speech
B1 Public Disturbance S&M
B2 Vast Majority I Wanna Be A Number
B3 Styphnoids Mom's A Fake
B4 Turnbuckles Super Destroyer Mark II
B5 Shitdogs Killer Cain
B6 John Vomit And The Leatherscabs Punk Rock Star
B7 Latin Dogs Killed In Jail
B8 Insults Population Zero
B9 Matchheads Pearl Harbor
B10 Matchheads Fat Bitch

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