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V/A "Killed By Meth" LP

V/A "Killed By Meth" LP


Killer comp from some current heavy hitters on It's Trash Records. Limited to 500


Side A:

Puberty: The Cream Cheese on Gordon's Hairline

Real Regular: Take Your Pills

No Bails: Garbage Day

Senor Citizen and the Border Patrol: Walls

Perverts Again: You're Not Taking Me To Prom

Omerys: I'm In A Band

Klazo Smash The Letter

BSHC: Generation Greed

Side B:

Radiation Risks: The Sea Of Love

Chattering Class: 3D Hollywood

Everyday Objects: Fix Bayonets

Plasmalab: Vancab

Cheetahs: Formula X

The Mud City Manglers: One More Mile

The Hemingers: Frenzy

The Noble Savages: Rock Bottom Tonight

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