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V/A "Pohjalla" LP

V/A "Pohjalla" LP


Black vinyl, 500 copies.

This was one of the very first punk rock records to come out of Finland. Although Love Records were nearly bankrupt by the end of the seventies, they still managed to take part in releasing some of the most important ’77 punk rock records in the country. Pohjalla was a showcase of the best young talent in the local punk scene at the time, with all material recorded specifically for this album. There have been a few CD reissues over the years, but this is the first time the album is reissued on vinyl.

A1  1978: Elektroninen xtaasi
A2  Problems?: Mä haluun mennä
A3  Sehr Schnell: 18 V.V.K.
A4  Problems?: Raitsikka oot
A5  Pelle Miljoona & N.U.S.: Rocktähti
A6  Problems?: Koko yö
A7  Se: Ei asfaltti liiku
A8  Sehr Schnell: Tekopyhä
A9  Pelle Miljoona & N.U.S.: Väkivalta ja päihdeongelma

B1  Pelle Miljoona & N.U.S.: Häpeän olla valkoinen
B2  Sehr Schnell: Juho vanha natsi
B3  Pelle Miljoona & N.U.S.: En jumaloi Amerikkaa
B4  Se: Peilit
B5  Problems?:  Pummina kaupungissa! Miksi?
B6  Sehr Schnell: Värinää

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