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V/A Pordenone / The Great Complotto LP


Side A: Mess "Paraguay", Fhedolts "Stimolation", Sexy Angels "Atoms For Energy", Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor "I'm In Love With Computer", Mind Invaders "Individual Therapy",  Cancer "000010", Cancer "000001", Musique Mecanique "Good Ideas Must Not Fall In The Hands Of The Enemy", Tampax/HitlerSS "London Cartoon Concert"
Side B: Fhedolts "Herating", Andy Warhol Bandana Technicolor "The Future", Mess "Foolish Girls", W.K.W. "Wyatt Earp", Sexy Angels "LA Beat", Little Chemists "Fe₂CR 0", Waalt Diisneey Production "Chips Dorè (I.D.Y.)", Waalt Diisneey Production "(I Need) Action"


Recorded on January 1980 at Harpo's Studio, Bologna, except:
- tracks A8, A9 recorded live in Pordenone Dec. '79
- tracks B7, B8 recorded live in ?

Tracks A3 and B5 listed inverted on labels
Tracks A6 and A7 are credited to 001100111100011001011100 on the backcover but to Cancer on the centre label (& on the LP sticker).
Artists and title for track A10 not mentioned on the cover.

Produced By:
The Great Complotto
Oderso (Italian Records)
Red Ronnie (Nice Label)
Ado (for Goods)
Compact Cassette Records

Manifesto of The Great Complotto organization.

Copies may contain a double sided A4 'Order Card' for various packaged versions of the LP.

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