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V/A Screaming Fists Vol. 1 LP


Side A: Nosebleeds "Ain't Bin To No Music School", Lewd "Trash Can Baby", "Pay To Die", Unnatural Axe "The Creeper", Suicide Commandos "Monster Au Go-Go", Jerks "Hold My Hand", Victims "Annette", "I Want Head", Anti-Nowhere League "So What"

Side B: Users "Kicks In Style", Lockjaw "Radio Call Sign", Skinnies "I'm A Dullard", "Out Of Order", U-Jerks "U-Jerks Work For Police", D.O.A "Kill Kill This Is Pop", Lowlife "Leaders" "White Lightning", Reruns "So So Alone"

This used to be one of my favorite comps - I'm so glad somebody put it out again!

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