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V/A The Wild Angels Cassette

V/A The Wild Angels Cassette


Primitives "Been Hiding"

The Prissteens "I'm A Mess"

The Red Cords "Box"

Purple Wizard "Putty"

City Slang "Ain't The Way"

Black Time "ESP Dub"

The Teamsters "Sharp Suited SOAG"

Murph and the Gazorpos "You Did It"

Cheap Tissue "Up My Sleeve"

Mr. Airplane Man "Over That Hill"


Various Artists - 'The Wild Angels' (A Girlsville International Cassette Day Compilation)

#19 on WAX MUSIC'S 50 Best Records of 2016
"A wild combination of power pop nuggets and rock n roll notoriety – ‘Wild Angels‘ crafted together all the misfits, degenerates and punks they could find and created something cohesive and glorious. Mixing classic cult groups with newly birthed bands, Girlsville arranged something timeless and undeniably convivial. – RJ / WAX MUSIC

"Being that this is Girlsville, you know you're getting a really awesome mix of garage trash, girl bands, '60s/Brit Invasion worship, and straight-up rippin' punk. And there's no filler to be found!"

"the prissteens also feature on a killer compilation put out by girlsville entitled ‘the wild angels’ stumping up some gloriously frazzled garage beat a la the go go’s gone real bad with the immensely spiked and unruly ‘I’m a mess’. The set also finds The Primitives nailing a superb cover of the Aislers Set’s ‘been hiding’ and hooking up to it their trademark candy coated shimmer toned dayglo’d bubblegrooving. Elsewhere, long time no hear, Mr. Airplane Man who if memory serves me right, last appeared in these pages courtesy of an outrageously cool full length for – was estrus or sympathy way back in the early noughties are found here dropping the darkly weaving spell crafting psych mystic ‘over that hill’ while purple wizard serve up the seductively slinky Shangri-Las-esque ‘putty’."

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