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Vicious Visions "Retrodisrespect 1980-1983" CD

Vicious Visions "Retrodisrespect 1980-1983" CD


Busy B Production

Vicious Vision's single "I Beat You" is a holy grail within the punk, not only because of the limited edition of just 109 items, but also because it is a MONSTER hit. Vicious Visions was formed in Halmstad but soon moved to Berlin and honed his craft in occupied houses in the shadow of the iron curtain. They may come from the same city as Roxette but their music has more in common with Suicide, Stooges and The Residents. Where the single "I beat you" got an extra dimension because the band had no drummer at the time of recording and therefore used drum machine, Retrodisresptive can give a slightly broader understanding of how Vicious Visions sounded; here are songs from both full band set to just the duo behind the single. From wild punk cleaners to Suicide-scented nowave. In collaboration with the band, Busy Bee Productions can finally give the world a full-length album with Vicious Visions

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