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Vintage Crop "Company Man" 7

Vintage Crop "Company Man" 7



Anti Fade Records Pressing

Vintage Crop are back! The aficionados of awkward rock have taken no annual leave after this year’s New Age LP, choosing instead to deliver their latest project; a 4-track 7” titled Company Man.

Now firmly in control of their sound, Vintage Crop exhibit their ability to dial up their brash, sarcastic brand of punk as they see fit. Reciting tales of corporate greed, broken promises & unusually long extremities - A 4 track EP that explores life in a suit & tie. Company Man is inundated with the same nervous energy that drove New Age; sharp guitars and unsteady riffs - a claustrophobic space further impinged by the everyday grind.

These four songs are a stand-alone release & will not feature on any future release. Vintage Crop & their associates do not believe in marketing gimmicks.

01. Company Man
02. Guarentees
03. Right To Censor
04. Stock Options

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