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Virus "1984 Demos" LP

Virus "1984 Demos" LP


Urinal Vinyl Records, and Vomitopunkrock Records of Valencia, Spain, bring you a vinyl reissue of the first 2 Virus demo tapes. Reproduced in extremely small numbers, there's not too many of them about now. Remastered from the original cassettes, side 1 is taken from the 1st demo from sping 1984, "infected", and side 2 from the "You Can't Ignore It Forever" demo from December of that same year. Comes with 4 page insert.


A1 Richman Poorman
A2 Build Up
A3 Hiroshima
A4 Systematic Violence
A5 Martial Law
A6 It's No Bloody Use
A7 6 Second Slaughter
A8 G-Rule
B1 Oven Overture
B2 Screaming
B3 Amen
B4 Death After Life
B5 3rd World Wonders
B6 One Summers Day
B7 How Can You Stand
B8 Not Just Saying
B9 We Don't Want Your Fucking War

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