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VS "7" & Demo (1978/1980)" LP

VS "7" & Demo (1978/1980)" LP


Puke N Vomit Records LP
VS. were one of the first all female punk band in California, formed in early 1978 by bassist Olga De Volga who was in the early lineup of the OFFs, the band also featured Jane Weems from the Maggots on drums. VS. were one of the three bands who played the very first 'Off Broadway' show with the Avengers and The Dils. This limited edition 12" EP features their 1980 7" and their 1978 demo on one side and an etched B-side.

For fans of: The Maggots, Cosmetics, VKTMS, The Avengers, X-Ray Spex, The Mad, The Lewd

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