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Vulgarity Kids "S/T" LP

Vulgarity Kids "S/T" LP


Side A Vulgarity Kids! 8" Flexi EP (Asia Records 1987): M-1, Don't Stop, Today You Die, Body Check
Side B Enjoy Your Youth By This Hardcore Sampler V.A. LP (Adventure Family Records, 1988): M-1

Another gem of obscure ’80s Japanese Hardcore on F.O.A.D. Records.  Hailing from the area of Utsunomiya, Tochigi, this shortly lived outfit delivered the traditional sound of fast, no frills Japanese Hardcore of the late 80s that at times recalls the early Systematic Death EPs and 12″. This LP (silk screened on side B) collects their hard to find flexi 8″ on Asia Record recorded in 1987 and a song from “Enjoy your youth by this Hardcore sampler” mastered from the original reels and gets released in time for their comeback show in memory of their former guitarist Moochin that passed away 30 years ago in fall 1987.
 Comes with special OBI strip, a fanzine styled booklet with liner notes, photos and flyers.



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