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White Pigs "Hardcore Years 1983 / 85" LP

White Pigs "Hardcore Years 1983 / 85" LP


Connecticut Hardcore Blast! WHITE PIGS existed from 1980-86, started as a flawless hardcore / punk formation, later they romped more towards trash / crossover / hardcore ("Songs of sin" LP, s / t 12 "on COMBAT). VOMITOPUNKROCK Records is now bringing back the early days of the band with a retrospective. "Hardcore Years 1983/85" brings together the 1983 demo tape, the "Hit Bonanza" 7 "on MYSTIC / SUPERSEVEN and the 1984s 7". Sounds heavy like THE DETONATORS (SoCal / Oregon) or a raw version of POISON IDEA. Raw, wild and unpolished.


A1 Victims Of Society
A2 Droup Out
A3 New Life
A4 Screamer
A5 Pig Theme
A6 Early Grave
A7 FukFukFuk
A8 Kill Kop
A9 Victims
A10 A.P.O.W.
A11 Ghosts
A12 R.I.P.
A13 White Pigs Theme
A14 Proving Ground
A15 Untitled
B1 White Pigs Theme
B2 I Hate You
B3 Kill A Cop
B4 Fuc-Fuc-Fuc
B4 Dropout
B5 American Prisioner Of War
B6 Heavy Metal
B7 Slam Dance For Violence
B8 Sicken Brain

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