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Wishgift "S/T" LP

Wishgift "S/T" LP


Side A: Urge 2 Seminate, Goodblessington, When She Went To Calalini

Side B: Credit Card Jean, Vietblammo & World War Krieg, Blessington Heights, New Band of Love


Steaming, dick-headed sonic thunder perversion ala SST/T&G/Alt-Tentacled stone age meat riffs. Bring your water to a boil and bless the Dagwoods, our WISHGIFT LP is finally among the living.

LAKE PARADISE team up with us to bring you this long-anticipated full-length strangler from the Chicago power trio of Davey Hart (Christmas Bride), Marc Riordan (Cairo Gang, Xiu Xiu), and John Paul Glover (Slow Horse) -- this marking their first release since 2011's "Folk Twain" 12" EP for Sophomore Lounge.

Licking the envelope on a 7 or 8 year career cursed by long stretches of inactivity due to the ever-galloping geographical carousel of its members, WISHGIFT (S/T) is the band's definitive statement. Seven white-hot, skin-peeling, sharp and shiny new tracks (well...as new as a record this long in the making can be) PLUS 2 bonus cuts available via gratis cassingle when pre-ordered directly from either label, thanks to Chi-town tape lord Jake Acosta.

Edition of 300

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