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X __ X "Not Now, No Way" 7"

X __ X "Not Now, No Way" 7"

A tribute single for the late Mike Hudson (Pagans). The A-Side, a cover of the Pagans, was recorded in early February, 2018. X__X are an art punk band that came into existence in '70's Cleveland after ELECTRIC EELS ceased to exist. Originally consisting of ANDREW KLIMEK (who has his own amazing musical history), ANTON FIER, JIM ELLIS and JOHN MORTON. The band started back up a couple years ago with CRAIG BELL (MIRRORS, ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS, SAUCERS...) replacing Jim on bass and a seemingly exploding drumset this time with WEASEL WALTER on side A and OSVALDO RODRIGUEZ on the B-side. John and Mike go back a very long time and their love hate relationship is expressed here beautifully in a straight ahead punk fashion. Only 150 copies of this limited tour single will be made available to retail.

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