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Xylitol "Is Toxic To Pigs?" 7"

Xylitol "Is Toxic To Pigs?" 7"


Side A: Goblin Gallop, Atrocity Man, Bisquick

Side B: (I Don't Wanna Be) Punished, Police Is Brutality, Gray Goo


Irrepressibly catchy Olympia-based pogo punk with the wildest and most charismatic vocalist in contemporary DIY punk. A guide to kissing the void and navigating our continued existence in a racist capitalist hellscape. This is the soundtrack to fucking shit up, fighting back, defining yourself and seeing who joins. 500 copies on black vinyl, comes with a digital download, split release between Thrilling Living and Total Negativity. "I don't give a fuck bout you fuck pigs."

Members of G.L.O.S.S.

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