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New Stuff and Restocks 10/1

New Stuff and Restocks - 10/1
13th Chime "The Singles: 1981 - 1983" LP
5,6,7,8's , The "S/T" LP
5,6,7,8's , The “Sho-Jo-Ji" 7"
A.B.H. ( ABH ) "Don't Mess With The SAS" 7"
Archie and the Bunkers "Live at Third Man" 7"
Algebra Mothers "A-Moms = Algebra Mothers" LP
American Nudism "Negative Space" 7"
Ataxxia "S/T" 7"
Bats , The "Compiletely Bats" 2xLP
Bats , The "Law Of Things" 2xLP
BB and the Blips "Shame Job" LP
Bill Burr "Live At Andrew's House" LP
Crack , The "All Cracked Up The Demos And Rarities" LP
Criminal Class "A Touch Of Class" LP
Disarray "Discography" LP
Dow Jones and the Industrials "Can't Stand The Midwest 1979-1981" CD
Car City "S/T" LP
Chrome "Half Machine Lip Moves" LP
Chrome "Red Exposure" LP
Coachwhips "Night Train" Cassette
Coathangers , The "Nosebleed Weekend" LP
Coathangers , The "Parasite" LP
Creation , The "Action Painting" 2xLP + Book
Deleter "Levitate The Pentagon" Cassette
Deleter "Meaningless Chants" Cassette
Electric Chair "Public Apology" 7"
Eu's Arse "Lo Stato Ha Bisogno Di Te? Bene, Fottilo." 7"
Existenz "Let's Get Drunk Before It's Too Late" LP
False Confession "Out Of The Basement 1983 Demo" LP
Fastbacks "Now Is The Time" 2xLP
Final Warning "Demonstration 1983" 7"
Fix, The "At The Speed Of Twisted Thought" LP
FLAT DUO JETS "Go Go Harlem Baby" LP
Flex! Japanese Punk Hardcore Mod No Wave Book (Flex! #5)
IV ( 4 ) "S/T" 7"
Gad Whip "Post Internet Blues" LP
Gauze "限界は何処だ" (3rd LP)
Gauze "面を洗って出直して来い" (4th LP)
Gauze "Equalizing Distort" LP
Gauze "Fuckheads" LP
G.I.S.M. "Detestation" LP
G.I.S.M. "Human Condition" LP
Goon Sax , The "Up To Anything" LP
Gories "Be Nice" 7"
Gino and the Goons "I Won't Fall In Love" 7"
gSp "girlSperm" 12"
Hellbent "1983-1984 Demos" LP
Hood Rats "Trash Party" Cassette
Human Gas "S/T" LP
IGGY POP TOTAL CHAOS: The Story of the Stooges / As Told by Iggy Pop Book
Impact / Eu's Arse "Impact / Questa E' La Loro Speculazione Di Morte!" 7”
JON WAYNE "Texas Funeral" LP
Landline "S/T" LP
Laughing Hyenas “Merry Go Round” 2xLP
Laughing Hyenas “You Can’t Pray A Lie” LP
Lewd "American Wino" LP
Lilac "Barbed Wire Entaglement" 7"
Liquids "Heart Beats True" 7"
Lux Vanitas "The Secret Life Of" LP
Maniacs "Chelsea" 7"
Marbled Eye "Leisure" LP
Melvins "Houdini" Gatefold LP
Melvins "Stoner Witch" Gatefold LP
Milk 'N' Cookies "S/T" 3xLP Box + Book
Misfits "1977-1984 The Singles Collection" LP
Monks , The "Hamburg Recordings 1967" LP
Mörpheme "Discography" LP
Muddy Waters "Mannish Boy b/w Young Fashioned Ways" 7"
Muddy Waters "Rollin’ Stone b/w Walking Blues" 7"
Muddy Waters "She’s All Right b/w Sad, Sad Day" 7"
Naked Roomate "S/T" Cassette
Negative Approach "S/T 10 Song EP" 7"
Negative Approach "Tied Down" LP
Negative Approach "Total Recall" CD
Negative Scanner "Nose Picker" LP (GREEN VINYL)
No Statik "Earhammer Soundsystem" LP
No Statik "What Did You Give Away" 7"
No Trend "Teen Love" 7"
Omega Tribe "No Love Lost" LP
PANIC! Book (Pre-Black Flag)
Prissteens , The "Demos & Rarities Vol. 2" Cassette
Quietus "Volume Four" LP
Ragtime Frank "I Know Said The King" LP
Reagan Youth "Volume 1" LP
Red Cross "Smoke Seven 81/82" LP
Rose McDowall "Cut With the Cake Knife" LP
Ruler "Second Single" 7"
School Damage "A To X" LP
School Damage "S/T" LP
Scientists , The "A Place Called Bad" 2xLP
Scientists , The "S/T" LP
Section 5 "Street Rock'n'Roll" LP
Shifters , The "Have A Cunning Plan" LP (ORANGE VINYL)
Simpletones "California" LP
Soda Boys "A Discography + More" Cassette
Soda Boys "Live Intuitive Rock N Roll" Cassette
Soda Boys "Live VHS" VHS Tape
Stimulators "Loud Fast Rules" 7"
Straw Dogs "Dog's Life" 7"
Swankys , The "Never Can Eat Swank Dinner" LP
Swell Maps "... In Jane From Occupied Europe" LP
Swell Maps "A Trip to Marineville" LP + 7"
Table Sugar "Collected Acknowledgements" LP
Target Of Demand "Man's Ruin" LP
Tits , The - 猥褻外道 (Obscene External Road) 7"
Towanda "Freak Of Nurture" Cassette
Towanda "Plaything" Cassette
TYVEK "TYVEK Live at Third Man" LP
UV Pop "Just A Game / No Songs Tomorrow" 7" U.V. Pøp
Vibrators , The "Baby Baby" 7″
We Work With What We Have Photo Zine
Zero Boys "History Of" LP
Zero Boys "Vicious Circle" LP
Zolar X / Rock Bottom & The Spys "When Worlds Collide" LP
V/A "Nihon No Wave" 2xLP
V/A "Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground" 2xLP
V/A "Technicolor Paradise: Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights" 3xLP

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