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Chop Smart, Chop Neck Smart!

Where is my order?

If you haven't received a shipping confirmation with your tracking number then email me at neckchoprecords@gmail.com with your order number and name and I'll get back to you as quick as I can. I ship orders twice a week on Monday and Thursday.

Why is shipping so expensive (Domestic/US)?

I'm still working out how much shipping costs so gimme a break. I think I'm fair.

Why is shipping so expensive (International)?

I have no clue how to set that up right now or what those rates run. I just have a flat rate for it now but when I ship your order I will send you money back if shipping is cheaper. If the shipping happens to be more, then I will email you with how much extra you owe for shipping. You have 48 hours to decide if you want to pay that or cancel the order. If I don't receive a response within 48 hours, your order will be refunded entirely. Until I have more International orders this is the only way I know how to do it (if somebody has a formula - please email at neckchoprecords@gmail.com).

Do you have any more of that [use your imagination] record?

Email me at neckchoprecords@gmail.com to see if I'm getting any more. If I think a release is a one-time shot I try to put it in the notes. If you see that it's limited, don't snooze. 

Do you do wholesale for Neck Chop Releases?

Yeah, email me at neckchoprecords@gmail.com

Hey Neck Chop, can you put out my band's 7" or 12"?

Send your demo to Neck Chop Records, PO Box 5635, Fullerton, CA, 92838 . Or email me at neckchoprecords@gmail.com with a link to your music.

WTF, my records came but they're totally thrashed.

I package all of the shipments with padding on each side and have instructions on the box for the USPS. Beyond that, I can't do anything else. If you want insurance on your order, shoot me an email and we can add it to your order before I ship it. You must send the email to neckchoprecords@gmail.com within an hour of your order.

Why does your store suck so bad?

At least I'm fucking trying - what the fuck have you done?!