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New Stuff and Restocks 8/15

New Stuff and Restocks - 8/15
Abner Jay "Depression/I'm So Depressed" 7"
Abner Jay "True Story Of Abner Jay" LP
Ali Farka Toure "Ali Toure "Farka" LP
Ali Farka Toure "Ali Farka Toure" LP
Ali Farka Toure "Dit Farka" LP
Ali Farka Toure "Special Biennale Du Mali: Le Jeune Chansonnier Du Mal... LP
Ali Farka Toure "Ali Toure Farka" LP
Angry Angles "S/T" LP
Aquarian Blood "Last Nite In Paradise" LP
Asta Kask "Aldrig En Lp" LP
Asta Kask "Med Is I Magen" LP
Bad Times "Streets Of Iron" LP
Barbaras , The "2006-2008" LP
B.B. King "King of the Blues + 2 Bonus Tracks!" LP
Bruce Moody “Get Fresh” 7”
Byron Lee's All Stars "Soul Ska" LP
C. Memi + Neo Matisse "No Chocolate" 7”
Civic "New Vietnam" LP
Dead Moon "Crack In The System" LP
Dead Moon "Defiance" CD
Dead Moon "In The Graveyard" CD
Dead Moon "Nervous Sooner Changes" LP
Dead Moon "Strange Pray Tell" CD
Dead Moon "Strange Pray Tell" LP
Dead Moon "Trash & Burn" LP
Dead Moon "Unknown Passage" CD
Desperate Bicycles "Singles" LP
Drunk Elk "In The Tuscan Sun" 7"
Flag Of Democracy ( FOD ) "Shatter Your Day" 2xLP
GG Allin & The Scumfucs "Eat My Fuc" LP
Harlan T. Bobo "A History Of Violence" LP
Harley Flanagan "The Original Cro-Mags Demos 1982-1983" LP
Leda "Japanese Key" 7"
Maxine Funke "Eternity" 7"
Midnight Mines "Stations" 7"
Neon "Neon / Nazi Schatzi" 7"
No Trend "Too Many Humans" LP
Pere Ubu "Live At The Longhorn April 1, 1978" 2xLP
Petticoats, The "S/T" 7" ORIGINAL PRESS
Pierced Arrows "In My Brain" 7"
Pierced Arrows "Keep Pushin" 7"
Pierced Arrows "Paranoia / Ain't Life Strange" 7"
Predator "Live @ Real Cool Time" Cassette
The Ransom and Jerry A "Dead Moon Rise – Dead Moon Tribute" 7"
Range Rats "S/T" LP
Reatards "Grown Up, Fucked Up" LP
Reatards "Teenage Hate / Fuck Elvis Here's the Reatards" 2xLP
Regular Guys “It’s A Secret” 7”
Rik L Rik "The Lost Album" LP
Septic Death "Theme From Ozobozo" LP
Sick Thoughts "Beat On Beat" 7"
Slow "Against The Glass" LP
Space Lady "On The Street Of Dreams" LP
Stefan Christensen "Open Day" 7"
Swankys , The "Never Can Eat Swank Dinner" LP
Table Sugar "Introductory Material" LP
Toy Love "Live At The Gluepot 1980" LP
Trans FX "Trans FX & The Showroom Dummies" LP
Vintage Crop “TV Organs” LP
Zolar X "Space Age Love" 7"
Zolar X / Rock Bottom & The Spys "When Worlds Collide" LP
V/A "All Of This Goes Too" 2xLP
V/A "Bloodstains Across California" LP
V/A "Bloodstains Across The Midwest" LP
V/A "Bloodstains Across Sweden" LP
V/A "Bloodstains Across Texas" LP
V/A "Guitar Mood" LP
V/A "Killed By Death #5" LP
V/A "Killed By Death #6" LP
V/A "Killed By Death #12" LP
V/A "Looking Back" LP
V/A "The Love You Save" 2xLP
V/A “New Centre Of The Universe Vol. 3" LP
V/A "The Rain Don't Fall On Me" LP
V/A "Root Hog Or Die: 100 Songs, 100 Years, An Alan Lomax Centennial Tribute" 6xLP BOX
V/A "The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. I" 2xLP
V/A "The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. II" 2xLP
V/A "The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. III" 2xLP
V/A "Wild Things (16 freakbeat nuggets from 1966 - 1968)" LP

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