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New Stuff & Restocks 2/21

5,6,7,8's , The "S/T" LP Absentees, The "4 Unreleased 1981 Punk Faves" 7" Algebra Mothers "Strawberry Cheesecake" 7" Androids, The "Bondage In Belfast" 7" Barbara Howard "On The Rise" LP Barbaras , The "2006-2008" LP Battalion Of Saints "Best Of" LP Baus "Songs To Snake To" LP Bikini Kill “S/T” LP Black Abba "Betting On Death" 7" Bloody Riot "Bloody Riot" 7" Brainbombs “Burning Hell” LP Brainbombs “Fucking Mess” LP Brainbombs "Obey" LP Carbonas "Your Moral Superiors" 2xLP Cavemen "Born To Hate" LP Chelsea "S/T" LP Chosen Few “Really Gonna Punch You Out” 2xLP Cinecyde “You Live A Lie, You’re...

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New Stuff and Restocks 1/3

New Stuff and Restocks - 1/3 4 Skins "Low Life" LP Actives "Kick It Down" LP Angelic Upstarts "The Independent Punk Singles Collection" 2xLP Anti Cimex "The Records 81-86" LP Aretha Franklin "Atlantic Records 1960s Collection" 6xLP Box Asocial "Det Bittra Slutet +" 2xLP Asocial "Religion Sucks" LP Attak "Zombies" LP Babeez "Nobody Wants Me" LP  Beyond Peace "What's There To Be So Proud Of? EP" 7" BIB "Band In Hardcore" LP Black Panties "Future" 7" Blitz "Time Bomb Early Singles And Demos Collection" LP Brower "Buzzsaws" LP Brutal Birthday "S/T" 7" Casual Burn "Tomorrow Problem" 7" Chrome "Chromosome Damage...

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New Stuff & Restocks 12/14

Before we get into this stuff, I wanted to mention the super cool thing that our buddy Mr. Sick Thoughts, DD/Drew Owen is doing that you do not want to miss out on. He's taking preorders to sign up for an exclusive tape club where you'll get a new tape every month for 6 months of exclusive DD Owen tracks. Not only that but you'll also get a shirt and some other exclusive swag. All this for only $50! Serious, how can you not need this in your life?! Don't miss out, he's only taking preorders until January 5th so...

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New Stuff & Restocks 12/7

New Stuff and Restocks - 12/7 Adverts , The "Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts" 2xLP Al Green "Get's Next To You" LP Al Green "Greatest Hits" LP Al Green "I'm Still In Love With You" LP Al Green "Let's Stay Together" LP Ann Peebles "Part Time Love" LP Ann Peebles "Straight From The Heart" LP Aretha Franklin "Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-1970" 2xLP Bauhaus "The Bela Session" LP Beastie Boys Book Blood Pressure "Surrounded" LP Charles Mingus "Jazz In Detroit / Strata Concert Gallery / 46 Selden" 5xLP BOX Coltranes , The "White Hag" LP Dead Kennedys "Iguana Studios...

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New Stuff & Restocks 11/29

New Stuff and Restocks - 11/29 100 pack of EP sleeves 100 pack of LP sleeves Closet Christ "You're In My World Now" 7" Dark Thoughts "At Work" LP Dark Thoughts "S/T" LP Eke Buba "S/T" 7" Eskorbuto "Maldito País: Primera Época 1982-84" 2xCD Execute "Great Punk Hits" LP Execute "S.L.A.S.H." LP Gaseneta "S/T" LP Gears , The "Let's Go To The Beach" 7" Gears , The "Rockin' At Ground Zero" LP Gee Tee "S/T" LP Klitz , The "Rocking The Memphis Underground 1978-1980" LP Las Chinas "Amor en Frio: Grabaciones Completas 1980-1982" LP Q "2nd" 7" Red C /...

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