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Contrast Attitude Relentless Assault 2018 West Coast Tour Photo Zine


The translated English version of the [CONTRAST ATTITUDE Relentless Assault 2018 U.S. West Coast Tour Photo Zine] by Senna Chanel

"Celebrating their 20 year anniversary last year in 2018, Mie Prefecture’s very own D-beat raw punk band, CONTRAST ATTITUDE also embarked on their first U.S. West Coast tour. Photographer SENNA CHANEL, who has been shooting the Japanese punk scene for a number of years, set out to document the tour. As a result, she has released a photo zine in December of 2018, which has now been translated to English and is available for distribution worldwide. 108 pages of live photos, offshots, and snapshots in full color, as well as a detailed tour report by guitar/vocal GORI is now available for overseas fans! For those who love punk, D-beat, crust, and hardcore, this photo zine is a must-have!"

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