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Dagger "Hexes" Cass

Dagger "Hexes" Cass



Just a year after their intense and personal debut "Writhing In The Light Of The Moon" dropped on Lengua Armada, Dagger is back with seven more tracks that'd make a chef do that big ol' smoochie sound. They continue down the path they laid out on that first offering, a bleak, burly sound smattered with the sort of lunkheaded hope only cultivated through generations of hard, Midwestern living. Think Negative Approach, Savage Beliefs, or a lost cut from Code Blue Compilation.

HEXES, the soundtrack to a knife in the gut, releases October 16th, 2018 in a first press edition of 250, on imprinted white cassettes, with two color j-card and double-sided lyric sheet.

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