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Acrylics "S/T" 12"


Side A: Shame, The Germ, Momma's Boy, Nada Nada, He Wants A Baby, Waiting

Side B: ONE SIDED 12"


Acrylics change the hardcore game with their sound while everybody else is trying to sound the same. There is a fun sound brewing in the bay area right now and Acrylics are at the forefront of that! I couldn't be more proud and excited to release this S/T EP on a one-sided 12". Previously released on cassette that the band put out in a run of 150 that were gone in a blink. We've now had it remastered for vinyl by the great Will Killingsworth and put it on a one sided 12". Very proud of this one!

Reverse Board Jacket, two sided insert, and Acrylics sticker inside

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