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Actives "Kick It Down" LP

Actives "Kick It Down" LP


Side A: Kick It Down, The Pack, Anti Revolution, Warzone, Street Warfare

Side B: All Of My Life, Shoot, Classless Hero, Western Light, Obsession

The Actives were actually born of frustrated roadies and followers of The Alternative in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland in December '81. The Alternative shared their practice pad, instruments and social life with The Actives, indeed the original Actives guitarist, Dougie, joined The Alternative in mid '82. A number of support gigs with The Alternative followed but it soon became apparent both bands were playing to different sections of the punk audience. Difference of opinions, especially over lyrical content, saw The Actives being asked to leave the shared practice pad in late '82. In 1982, their uncontrolled desire to play very loud and very fast led to a publishing contract deal with ex-Menace member Charlie Casey. A record deal followed in early '83. Two months later the single 'Riot E.P.' was released, and a frenzy of live support gigs followed, opening for The Exploited, The Adicts, The Treats, Abrasive Wheels and The Toy Dolls. Their debut LP 'Kick It Down!' came out in 1983 on the Quiet label and has never been reissued ever since - so act fast! An unmissable piece of the UK punk history in a limited of 500 copies! 

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