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Ad Nauseam "Once Upon A Time.... 1982 / 1984" LP

Ad Nauseam "Once Upon A Time.... 1982 / 1984" LP


Side A: Thatcher, Mass Murder, Fuck I Ain't Bovered, What A State, Don't Vote, Why Fight Each Other, Fire, Weapons Of Peace, Once Upon A Time, Daddy Daddy, Sufferance, Crazy World, Maggie's World, World Cruise, Apocalypse Of Youth, Ashes To Ashes
Side B: No Mercy, Undeclared Citizens, Who Are You, Wheelies One, Nausea, Destructadisc, Throw Down Your Crutches, Dog Od On A Sunstroke Pill, The Church Creates, Still Be Havin Fun, Monkey See Monkey Do, Ain't Gonna Be No Peace

Here we have, for the first time on Vinyl, 28 songs from the early Demo Tapes by the Portsmouth-based Brit Punks, mainly known from their "Brainstorm" 7" (released 1983 on Flicknife Records). Pure UK Punk aggression, range from raw UK`82 stuff to speedy Hardcore fighters. Sources: Mass Murder Tape (1982), 2nd Demo (1982), 1984 Demo.

A1 To A10 - Mass Murder Tape 1982
A11 To A16 - 2nd Demo 1982
B1 To B12 - demo 1984

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