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Battalion of Saints "Complete Discography" 3xLP


We say “Complete Discography” and we mean it! This 3xLP set features every single Battalion Of Saints studio recording since their inception including all the singles, albums, rare unreleased demo tracks, alternate versions, compilation appearances, and even 2 new tracks. 60 songs total! Several albums were remastered and sound better than ever. Insert includes a full lyric sheet with lyrics to every track & personnel list for each recording. This is your one-stop-shop to own everything the band has done in one concise, organized place. Download card included!



Unreleased Tracks (written 1985, recorded 2017)
A1 Liar Liar 1:57
A2 Blue-Eyed Devil 2:12
Battalion Of Saints 7" (2015)
A3 Darkness 1:35
A4 Bombs 2:25
A5 Nightmare 2:25
Punk Rock Christmas Compilation LP (2015)
A6 Jingle Bells 1:40
Muscle Of Love 7" (1997)
A7 Muscles Of Love 2:28
A8 I Don't Know 2:21
Cuts CD (1995)
B1 My New Low 1:46
B2 Do It Again 1:52
B3 Freedom 1:42
B4 I Don't Like You 1:46
B5 Love 1:41
B6 Stand Up 1:28
B7 Protect & Serve 2:10
B8 Biowarfare 1:50
B9 Fun 1:34
B10 Nowhere Going Faster 1:42
B11 Faster Faster 2:01
B12 Somewhere I Belong 3:01
B13 Jack Shack 7:10
Hell's Around The Next Corner 7" (1995)
C1 Hell's Around The Next Corner 2:11
C2 Thru With You 3:03
Sweaty Little Girls 7" (1988)
C3 Sweaty Little Girls 1:36
C4 Right Or Wrong (Live) 1:33
C5 Modern Day Heroes (Live) 1:12
Rock In Peace Compilation LP (1987)
C6 Chris Smith W/Greg Dumis '81 0:59
C7 Right Or Wrong 1:37
C8 Intercourse 1:13
C9 Solitary Is Fun 1:27
C10 Animal In Man '87 1:47
Second Coming LP (1984)
D1 My Mind's Diseased 2:30
D2 Animal In Man '84 1:45
D3 Right Or Wrong '84 1:36
D4 Holy Vision 1:50
D5 Buddies And Pals 2:04
D6 No More Lies 1:27
D7 Second Coming
D8 Beefmasters
D9 No Time
D10 Too Much Fun
D11 Intercourse
D12 Solitary Is Fun
E1 Fair Warning
E2 Doomed World
E3 Ace Of Spades
Unreleased From The Second Coming Sessions (1984)
E4 Never 'AD Nothing
Our Blowout Compilation Cassette (1983)
E5 Witch World
Second Coming 7" (1983)
E6 Intercourse '83
E7 Solitary Is Fun '83
E8 Second Coming '83
Someone Got Their Head Kicked In Compilation LP (1982)
E9 Beefmasters (Early Version) '82
E10 No More Lies (Early Version) '82
E11 Cops Are Outs
Fighting Boys 12"EP (1982)
F1 (I'm Gonna) Make You Scream
F2 E/B
F3 Modern Day Heroes
F4 Fighting Boys
Unreleased From The Fighting Boys Sessions (1982)
F5 I Hate My Job
F6 Headbanger

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