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Black Panties "Dirt From The Mop" 7"

Black Panties "Dirt From The Mop" 7"


Side A: Dirt From The Mop
Side B: Dreams Of My Teeth


It's been almost two years since we've heard  Mr. Blac. What's he been doing with his downtime?  He clearly hasn't been reading his four tracks owners manual, and based upon how long it took us to get this out he also wasn't checking his emails.  But low and behold! It's finally here. The A side is a happy little number about being inferior to the flies gathered around a mop bucket that sounds like it very well could have been recorded at the bottom one. On the flip we get a four minute two chord scuzz punisher that's gonna shake those back molars right out of your head. Despondent, spit drenched and 100% TOTAL PUNK!

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