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Cadaverous Clan "Demos / Live 82" LP

Cadaverous Clan "Demos / Live 82" LP


Side A: Snow Blindness, Authority, Statistics, Nothing New, Devils Prospectives, Insane Society, Concrete Apple, Cadaverous Clan, Babylon's Burning Live, Perv Live
Side B: Cadaverous Clan, Statistics, Devils Prospectives, Authority, Concrete Apple, Insane Society, Perv, Nothing New, Babylon's Burning, Snow Blindness, Open Fire

A1 - A Country Fit For Heroes (Volm 2)
A2 to A8 - Demo 16/10/1982
A9 to A10 - Live 26/11/1982
B1 to B10 - Demo 13/12/1982
Demos recorded at Rich Bitch Studios, Birmingham, U.K.

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