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Casanovas In Heat "Twisted Steel Sex Appeal" LP

Casanovas In Heat "Twisted Steel Sex Appeal" LP


Side A: Wet Dreamin', 2nd Wind, Against The Grain, Long Island Lolita, Destiny St.
Side B: Future Ex Girlfriends, Omens, Belvidere, Jaded, Nighthawk


Casanovas In Heat are a punk rock band in the Exploding Hearts sense, which means deep within the grooves of carnal guitars and heavy bass of “Jaded” is a throbbing melody. The group’s forthcoming Twisted Steel, Sex Appeal was produced by Ben Greenberg (The Men, Uniform, Hubble), and its lead single is an escape into the realm of inhibited dissonance. Casanovas In Heat include members of Boston-based punk bands Bloodkrow Butcher, Male Nurses, and Subclinix, and their collective veteran experience shows cleanly through their sound. - Stereogum


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