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Chemicals, The "Out Of My Mind" 7"

Chemicals, The "Out Of My Mind" 7"


Side A: Out Of My Mind

Side B: Run And Hide

"Meanbean's second release by Montréal's The Chemicals is a little obscure pop jewel. Influenced by classic sixties bands, seventies punk, eighties new wave and all-caps POP, the band ended up writing two incredibly catchy numbers that have all the ingredients to make a hit: big hooks, killer guitar riffs, catchy singalong melodies, and an awesome pop sensibility. While both songs were definitely infused with the New Wave vibe prevalent at the time, "Out Of My Mind" shows a bit of a sixties vibe and "Run and Hide" on the b-side shows more of the band's punk edge. No matter what though, one thing remains consistent on both sides: we're talking about goddamn hits here! There's no reason you won't go simply gaga over this thing unless you are completely tone deaf or utterly tasteless. If the majority of records coming out in the mid-eighties had even a third of the level of songwriting on display here, nobody would be talking shit about the eighties anymore! This record gained some attention nationwide on college radio at the time, and eventually the band was even approached about the possibility of a European tour. Unfortunately they broke up before they were ever able to capitalize on their local success. This was originally released in 1985 on the VOT label in a plain white sleeve, but Meanbean is serving this tasty treat up for you in a new sleeve design featuring archival pictures and liner notes from the band. We're doing all this because Meanbean cares and doesn't do anything half-assed! (400 on black / 100 on pure white cocaine wax)

Originally released in 1985 on VOT" Meanbean Records

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