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Cigarettes , The "You Were So Young" 2xLP

Cigarettes , The "You Were So Young" 2xLP


It was at the tale end of what would later be loosely termed 'The Seventies', in Lincoln, Merry England, that three teenagers formed, the consequencies of ther actions are captured here.

“You Were So Young” consists of everything that The Cigarettes ever recorded in what was their two year life span. From the very beginnings in the rehearsal room through to tracks recorded for an unreleased third single. It includes the two singles and their flip sides, some tracks that were included on a local compilation album, and their solitary John Peel session along with a handful that never found their way onto a record.

Over the years The Cigarettes have gained a wealth of interest, leaving many to scratch their heads and wonder how they slipped under the radar for so long. To get a copy of their debut single 'They're Back Again, Here They Come' , you would need to shell out some serious money.

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