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Color TV "Paroxeteens" 7"

Color TV "Paroxeteens" 7"


Side A: Paroxeteens
Side B: Night After Night

Includes: Matte finish glued sleeve, risograph insert, Color TV sticker on sleeve and DL code.


Following its inception in the early 1940s, color televisions steadily grew to overtake its black and white predecessor over the course of the next three decades. But, of course, not until a gradual shift in transmission and production techniques resulted in the public demand outweighing the product’s costly entry fee and noticeable scarcity towards the late sixties and early seventies. As of 1972, sales of color televisions finally surpassed that of its monochromatic brethren, officially rendering the former a staple of your average American household and the latter an outright inferior product; but as of 2015, a brand-new color television is now on the path to dominate the market once again, with that of course being Minnesota’s newest auditory romance, Color TV. If you ever felt that your life was dry -- or just horribly devoid -- of rock bands genuinely playing their fucking hearts out by way of utterly tantalizing spectacles of sugared, razor-sharp songwriting and endlessly captivating melodies, then you need not look further than Color TV’s freshest slice of power-pop rock and roll bliss. Being a 7” single truly compacted with enough cloyingly sweet, slick, and unequivocally aplomb swagger to wholly occupy any listener’s hearing receptors with its colorful, angular guitar harmonies and echoed croons from a set of vocalists who really know how to fuckin’ sing -- all demonstrated over the course of five minutes --, it isn’t assumptive of you to consider Color TV to be one of the most enticing acts coming out of Minneapolis right now. Color televisions ain’t got SHIT on Color TV.

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