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Counter Intuits "Vietnamese Lighter 7"

Counter Intuits "Vietnamese Lighter 7"


Side A: Vietnamese Lighter
Side B: Edge


One of the greatest thrills of running a  record label is the opportunity to work with your heroes and it is with a great deal of excitement that I release a brand new Counter Intuits 7" on Total Punk.  Ohio is a state known for it's punk legacy and Columbus has a long running and strongly defined sounds of it's own. Lou Reed worship filtered through the Electric Eels.  Grating broken down pop songs with melodies simultaneously damaged and confoundingly catchy. One of it's greatest and longest standing practitioners is Ron House (Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts, Great Plains, Ego Summit...). A man who's lyrical abilities and biting edge seem to improve with age (I can only imagine what he'll be producing when he turns 100( and his partnership with fellow Columbus stalwart Jared Phillips (Times New Viking) has produced some of the best music of their respective careers, which is I why I'm so happy to be releasing their newest effort. A two song burner with dizzying circular guitar loops, trashy drums, and Ron House's signature nasally snarl. 100% TOTAL PUNK!

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