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Dead Moon "Live At Satyricon" LP

Dead Moon "Live At Satyricon" LP


Side A: Dead Moon Night, Don't Burn The Fires, Jane, Spectacle, Clouds Of Dawn, Dagger Moon, D.O.A.

Side B: Parchment Farm, Down The Road, Going South, Echos To You, Room 213, Johnny's Got A Gun, Destination X


The inaugural release from our live archive series, Tales from the Grease Trap. Recorded at Portland's legendary club Satyricon on April 16, 1993, locked in a vault and mixed and mastered 22 years later. Featuring 14 blistering-hot tracks by Dead Moon at the absolute peak of their punk rock powers. Husband-and-wife team Fred and Toody Cole on guitar and bass, respectively. Andrew Loomis on drums. Recorded by Dean Fletcher. Mixed and mastered by Don Fury from the original 8-track recordings.

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