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F.C.D.N. Tormentor "Demonic Thereafter" Gatefold LP

F.C.D.N. Tormentor "Demonic Thereafter" Gatefold LP


Ultrafast LA Thrashcore sounding like a faster and more wicked answer to early Cryptic Slaugher! This collection includes the legendary “Demonic” demo 1986 completely remastered from the best sounding source in existence, a rare rehearsal 1986, the Deep Six EP from 1991 and the 2 tracks from Los Angeles Death Coalition (1991) 4 way split re-transferred from the original reels. 17 songs of infernal speed and thrashing mayhem to leave wounds that do not heal! As written on an old Deep Six ad: “Raul/No Comment on drums = speed!” Housed in a thick gatefold jacket with a fanzine styled booklet filled with photos, flyers, zine excerpts and a rare artworks.


Demonic Demo, 1986
A1 Disciple
A2 Axe The Priest
A3 Death Velocity
A4 Eternal Grave
A5 Satanic Possession
A6 Mystic Rites
Rehearsal 1986
A7 Axe The Priest
A8 Blood And Destruction
A9 Satanic Possession
A10 Death Velocity
A11 Eternal Grave
F.C.D.N. 7"EP, Deep Six Records, 1991
B1 Falsified Spirit
B2 Eternal Grave
B3 First Among The Dead
B4 Mystic Rites
Los Angeles Death Coalition 4 Way Split, 1991
B5 Era Of Humanity
B6 Demented Soul

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