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F.C.D.N. Tormentor "Dungeon Days 1982-1985" Gatefold LP

F.C.D.N. Tormentor "Dungeon Days 1982-1985" Gatefold LP


This LP shows what these LA Speedcore/Thrash maniacs are able to deliver today!! They took their very first session written in 1985 and entirely re-recorded in 2015 it with a solid yet raw, ass-kicking production. The final result is an ominous cyclone of thrashing cruelty! When it comes to Thrash it’s difficult to overcome a band rooted in the Californian scenario of the mid ’80s.. they know the best skills in riff-oriented aggression, blood drenched solos and tight, pummelling drum bombing. All of this topped by some caustic, old Slayer reminescent vocals! The LP contains 9 songs freshly recorded in 2015, the bonus CD includes the original ultra-rare 1985 session + 12 live tracks recorded at Fender’s Ballroom, Long Beach, CA, 1986 and Balboa Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 1986. Presented in an elegant gatefold sleeve + ‘zine styled booklet with rare artworks, flyers, photos, band liner-notes and an extensive interview made by Laurent Ramadier of Snakepit Magazine! If you’re into pioneering US Thrash and you want to discover the fastest and sickest underground extemity that generated a lot of speed obsessed Metal/Hardcore bands in the years to follow, this is mandatory!!


A1 Blood And Destruction
A2 Eternal Grave
A3 Dagger
A4 Destructor
A5 Falsified Spirit
B1 First Among The Dead
B2 Pillar Of Fire
B3 Mystic Rites
B4 Tormentor
Rehearsal 1985
CD-1 Blood And Destruction
CD-2 Eternal Grave
CD-3 Dagger
CD-4 Destructor
CD-5 Falsified Spirit
CD-6 First Among The Dead
CD-7 Pillar Of Fire
CD-8 Tormentor
CD-9 Axe The Priest
Live at Fender's Ballroom, Long Beach, CA, 6/13/1986
CD-10 Disciple
CD-11 Eternal Grave
CD-12 Axe The Priest
CD-13 Death Velocity
CD-14 Spirit Of Malignant
CD-15 Demonic Altar
CD-16 Satanic Possession
CD-17 Tormentor
Live at Balboa Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 2/28/1986
CD-18 Disciple
CD-19 Eternal Grave
CD-20 Death Velocity
CD-21 Axe The Priest
CD-22 Satanic Possession

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