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Fatal Figures "You Are Monster" LP

Fatal Figures "You Are Monster" LP


Side A: Hand Of God, Stop Breathing, Burnout, Human Skin Lanterns, Plastic Slivers
Side B: Gagged Dom, Electri Eyes, Skin Split, Cannible, You Are Monster

LISTEN (sorry, only sound link I could find)

Buffalo NY's Fatal Figures feature Aaron and Traci from the Blowtops and John. Noise rock with hooks, (unintentionally?) psychedelic but definitely a bad trip. This is the follow-up to their 2012 Caterwaul LP on Big Neck (which you should go buy, too), it's been too long or maybe just long enough. Sick art by Rob Fletcher. 200 on translucent red vinyl, 100 on black vinyl -specify vinyl color with order.

Last time I saw them, one of them was vomiting out of a car parked in front of Cleveland's Now That's Class, wishing us well on our "fuckin' tour or whatever." So, like, if they come to your town, go see them and buy them drinks til they puke.


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