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Flag Of Democracy ( FOD ) "Shatter Your Day" 2xLP


FLAG OF DEMOCRACY (FOD) formed in 1982, and has been thrashing ever since. They have released seven full-length records, a live record, a handful of EPs and about a million comp tracks. Shatter Your Day is their first full-length. Recorded in 1985 and originally released on Buy Our Records in 1986, this remastered edition has been expanded to include everything the band did from 1982 to 1986. This edition includes the Love Songs EP, the long lost Chinese Food cassette EP, their comp tracks, a demo version of an unreleased song, a live radio set and the rejected version of their first EP all remastered by James Plotkin. FOD have shared stages and basement floors all over the US and Europe with DEAD KENNEDYS, CIRCLE JERKS, MINOR THREAT, AGNOSTIC FRONT, SSD, HUSKER DU, TSOL, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, VOID, ARTICLES OF FAITH, DEAD MILKMEN, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, DECONTROL, PURE HELL, YDI, REDD KROSS, NO MEANS NO, ALICE DONUT, THE MEATMEN, ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE, MCRAD, MARGINAL MAN, FREEZE, SLAPSHOT, SNUFF, SUBHUMANS, MDC, THE DICKIES, AGENT ORANGE, J CHURCH, BRUTAL TRUTH, RKL, THE ADOLESCENTS, DAG NASTY, GANG GREEN, VIOLENT CHILDREN and about a million other bands.


A1 Houses Made For Mannequins
A2 Love Song II
A3 Metal Plate
A4 Kid Called Me
A5 Shatter Your Day
A6 The Family Knows
A7 Science Patrol
A8 Mad House
B1 Carousel
B2 Everythings O.K.
B3 Cheep Alcohol
B4 Hoe Down
B5 Shadows Of Children
B6 Serene Danker
B7 Guimos' Theme
B8 Black Light
Chinese Food Tape EP 1982
C1 Suburban Cowboy
C2 Maddog
C3 Goosestep
C4 Mutant Man
C5 Missle Up My Ass
C6 Head Problem
C7 Chinese Food
Bonus track from Chinese Food session
C8 Backstreet Riot
Love Songs EP 1983
C9 Powerload
C10 Babysitter
C11 Meat Factory
C12 Guidance Counselor
C13 Metamorphosis
C14 Love Song
Get Off My Back - Philly Hardcore Compilation 1983
C15 Suburban Cowboy
C16 Murder Castle
Flipside Vinyl Fanzine 1984
D1 Mad House
5 Bands That Have Changed The World 1987
D2 For The Same
Rejected version of the Love Songs EP 1983
D3 Powerload
D4 Babysitter
D5 Meat Factory
D6 Guidance Counselor
D7 Metamorphosis
D8 Love Song
Boombox Recording 1983
D9 Tattered Flag
Live On WXPN 1986
D10 Carousel
D11 Science Patrol
D12 Love Song II
D13 Kid Called Me

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