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Fried Egg "Delirium" 7"

Fried Egg "Delirium" 7"


Side A: Mixed Feelings, Second Fiddle

Side B: Eggshells


"The latest from FRIED EGG, a six minute exercise of tense and spastic hardcore punk. Following the off-beaten tread of their debut 7" flexi, the three new cuts on Delirium wind even tighter and further left-of-centre. Side A boasts two schizoid hardcorepunk bursts, backed with the ugly, self-loathing dirge that forms “Eggshells”. The fluid instrumentation and anxious, spit-laden vocals capture the same uneasy and warped state of mind evident in the mugshots laid out across the picture sleeve. FRIED EGG deliver a perfectly delirious EP of hardcore punk from the outer-limits of Virginia." - Negative Jazz

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