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Gad Whip "Post Internet Blues" LP

Gad Whip "Post Internet Blues" LP



First full-length vinyl for this UK-based (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire) band, who previously released (in 2017) a stunning 12" on NYC-based label EVER/NEVER RECORDS. Their Art-Noise-Rock and Post-Punk sound is like a collision of the lyrical rants of the SLEAFORD MODS with the legacy of british bands like the SWELL MAPS and THE FALL, and... if you're in doubt about my words, here's a perfect write-up, including a video for one track on this LP: https://whitelight-whiteheat.com/new-music/wl-wh-track-of-the-day-gad-whip-goat-bag/

Recorded at Yuba Studio, March-April 2018.
Goat Bag video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kFo3CX8nns

"God bless these weirdos"
www.yellowgreenred.com (Sept 2018)

"Recurring images of decaying infrastructure are just a mirror of political, social, media and moral realities, which are expressed as unadorned here. Post Internet Blues reactivates the anger in the stomach and leaves a lump in the throat like no other 12XU-compatible range has made this year."

"Post Internet Blues has the atmosphere of a night drive through the zombie-ravaged Lincolnshire: as the fuel needle shivers deep in the red, the inmates see only blood and decay everywhere, where once-blooming landscapes gave hope and confidence."
kopfpunk.wordpress.com/2018/08/15/review-gad-whip-post-internet...  more

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