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Gauze "Fuckheads" LP

Gauze "Fuckheads" LP


This bootleg LP is a partial Gauze discography, contaning the entire "Fuckheads" LP as well as their compilation tracks from the "Outsider" and "City Rockers" LP releases. It comes with an insert that has the song lyrics (Except for "City Rockers", which didn't originally include a lyric insert) in English and Japanese and cover scans of the original releases featured on this record.

Tracks A1-A10 are from the "Fuckheads" LP.
Tracks B1-B4 are from the "Outsider" compilation LP.
Tracks B5-B14 are from the "City Rockers" compilation LP.


A1 Power
A2 Fuck Head
A3 Shot
A4 Core Tick
A5 One Last Kiss
A6 Love Song
A7 Ghostlike Crime
A8 Neurosis
A9 Suikyou
A10 Go
B1 Fuck'en Sister
B2 Anti Machine
B3 Children Fuck Off
B4 Desperate
B5 Drug Addict
B6 Oi
B7 Usagi
B8 Senjo
B9 Shodoku Eki
B10 Importent Kids
B11 Warae
B12 Anti Machine
B13 Noyaku
B14 Tyuseishi Bakudan

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