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Germs , The "Germicide" LP

Germs , The "Germicide" LP


Shortly after, Kim Fowley hosted a series of new wave nights at the Whiskey, and the Germs managed to be included on the bill. They told everyone they knew to bring some kind of food, and the results resembled a hurricane in a Safeway produce department. Sickening concoctions of salad dressings, beans, sour milk, and Campbell’s soup flew from the balconies onto the stage below as the Germs rammed through their killer version of “Sugar Sugar” and Pat and Bobby emptied two-pound bags of sugar over the stage and the crowd. When the set ended, the Germs were banned from the Whiskey. The club’s manager charged blindly through the halls and dressing rooms, asking people if they’d come to see the Germs. If the answer was affirmative, the patron would be picked up by the scruff of the neck and admonished to “get the fuck down on that stage and clean it up, or you’re out!


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