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GG King "Another Dimension" 7"

GG King "Another Dimension" 7"


Side A: Another Dimension, Make A Movie (Dub Edit)

Side B: Gilliam Park


GG King returns to the game after almost 3 years, but he's not empty handed. He's got a baby and three brand new tracks. "Another Dimension" revisits a track from Unending Darkness, making full use of the hotshot (read: not inept) backing band GG had at the time, giving the track 100% more dimension. "Make a Movie" is GG King at the pinnacle of his psychedelic hip hop phase, the lyrics inspired by his years in the film industry, where he learned the hard way that Weird Al is not interested in a biopic. "Gilliam Park" is one long, indolent, cosmic hook that builds until it disappears down a wormhole. Unlike many acts whose music suffers in the harsh light of clarity, King really shines with a competent recording. Digital download included.

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