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Human Switchboard "Fly-In" 7" & Zine

Human Switchboard "Fly-In" 7" & Zine


Originally self-released in 1977, Record Store Day 2019 limited to 500 re-issue includes a custom zine made up of years’ worth of press clippings and flyers

Recorded 6-7 June 1977, Cirrus Studios.

The Human Switchboard formed in 1977 when Bob Pfeifer met Myrna Marcarian at Syracuse University. They spent that summer back in Cleveland, where Pfeifer grew up. They, along with drummer Ron Metz, recorded an EP of four songs, enlisting David Thomas of Pere Ubu to mix the tapes. The EP was self- released during that fall.
 The band next recorded their 'I Gotta Know / NO' single for Akron's Clone Records during a spring break in 1978. By this time, Pfeifer and Metz had moved to Columbus to Attend Ohio State University. Marcarian soon followed after her year at Syracuse and the band had formed as a three piece. After the school year ended, the band started playing shows, with its first in the basement of local Columbus High Street record store, Magnolia Thunderpussy.
 Soon after the summer of 1978, the band moved back to Cleveland briefly and then opened a used record store in Kent, Ohio. This store was to provided support for the band, which it did for the following three years.
 In the next few months, the band started playing shows in the area and gained followings in the Kent, Akron, Dayton, Columbus, Detroit and Pittsburgh regions. In 1979, the band recorded its next single at one of the better Cleveland studios named SUMA. With the help of Kent's famed The Numbers Band (15-60-75), they recorded their next single 'Prime of My Life / In My Room', later to be released on the band's own Square label.


A1 Fly-In 3:20
A2 Distemper 2:15
B1 Shake It, Boys 1:55
B2 San Francisco Nights 3:15

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