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Limps "Try and See" 7"

Limps "Try and See" 7"


“The Limps were a Punk Rock band from Annan, UK that were signed to the Matchbox Classics independent record label based in Carlisle. The band was comprised of Chuck, Andy,Tam and Dee Dee. They formed Matchbox Classics with the band ‘No Support’ when each member of both bands put £50 in each to fund the creation of a split EP entitled ‘Opposite Sides’ in 1979, the same year they also released another split with ‘No Support’ called ‘Another Matchbox Classic”.

The band also recorded a clutch of other great tracks which we will be releasing in the coming months, two of which. included here were recordedthe following year in the summer of 1980

Love Child Records are more than happy to put out these long-lost pieces of '80 New Wave / Punk tracks out in full clour sleeve with flipback sides


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