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Lost System "Left Behind" LP

Lost System "Left Behind" LP



Matte finish jackets, two sided risograph inserts done by Oddities Prints, DL code included.

With some distance now between their 2017 debut, Lost System has honed their sound beyond mere impetus with Left Behind, doubling-down with measured swaths of suitably icy disenchantment, all tersely arranged to stride alongside the lauded heavies of the international post-punk cognoscenti.  Goth-hued moments like “No Regrets” almost ache with phase and throb.  “Discipline” flips toward industrial-informed synth-punk derangement, giving way to the closure of the title track, an epic semi-suite that begins as dour slow-dance that eventually speeds through the sleet.  Discarded at the edge of the world --- Left Behind.

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