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Magic City "S/T" 7"

Magic City "S/T" 7"


Side A: Free, Kay

Side B: Monster, Oogha Boogha


Individuals from all walks of life in the Cleveland underground punk scene coming together to start a band named after the seediest strip club in their fair city. Singer Julia is one of the realest chicks in the scene and if no ones moving around at a show you can bet she already standing on the bar about to jump onto an unsuspecting crowd. Bassist George is notorious as a member in BAD NOIDS, as is guitarist Paul who fronts the infamous INMATES and runs NON COMMERCIAL RECORDS. Jayson on drums fills his time in the CLOUD NOTHINGS and together they're MAGIC CITY

"...influenced by Dangerous Records and stuff like THE BAGSm DEADBEATS and THE PLUGZ. Like the art punk of the 70's combined with a lot of hard rock like BUDGIE, THE SWEET and weirdo bands like WALL OF VOODOO as well" - Paulito

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