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Mark Cone "Now Showing" LP

Mark Cone "Now Showing" LP


Side A: Outta NY, Hoity Toity Boy, Scum Like Them, Sunk Heaven, If The Cone Fits

Side B: Chin Music, Head Is Dirty, Walking The Beat, Village Idiot, Guerra Nueva



Do me a favor. Think of your favorite synth punk band, or, assuming you hate everything the subgenre stands for, think of the one you hate the least. Pretty much anything that’s got a keyboard and a lot of yelling involved, since it’s practically all the same shit anyways. Now, imagine yourself holding a physical release from said band; either a record, cassette, CD, LaserDisc, or what have you. Just imagine it in your hands. Alright, now imagine yourself breaking it right over your fucking knee – MARK CONE is your favorite now. It’s up to you whether or not that last part should be left to your imagination, but for those with an inherent affinity for keyboard-infused punk, minimal exposure to Cone’s dissonant, hyperactive keystrokes, masterfully programmed drum beats, and throaty, maniacal roars are needed to realize the undercurrent of brilliance that runs beneath this darkened display of unfledged synth glory. Mark Cone – a snide, hysterical character conceived by one of the two founders of Massachusetts’s Urochromes, Jackie M. – not only epitomizes the essence of keyboard-oriented punk, but does so in a line-up devoid of instruments typically associated with the subgenre; mainly centering on a substandard Casio keyboard, an 8-bit drum machine, and a harsh set of pipes, Mark Cone has created a melodic, energetic, riveting score of punk with discernible post-like tinges in this 10-track LP. As a successor to his original 7” EP (Nicey Music), this record is a true mindmelter.

Reverse board jackets, black vinyl, Newsprint Poster (Oddities Prints), two-sided risographed insert (Oddities Prints)

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