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ME 262 / TRANS 262 "Sydney 1979-1982" LP

ME 262 / TRANS 262 "Sydney 1979-1982" LP


ME 262 (later re-named Trans 262 to avoid confusion with a cheesy Melbourne act) was a not as much legendary as unjustly forgotten Sydney band from the cusp of the ‘70s/start of the ‘80s.
“Original 7” Tracks /Demos LP” consists the band’s only EP, a four-song effort recorded with Sherbert’s guitarist Clive Shakespeare in 1981, and a side of demos recorded with Rob Younger at Sydney’s Palm Studios.
The package is filled out with the usual Buttercup Records bonuses like reproduction set lists and handbills. The booklet includes reflections by the band members (except the late Alan Marr) and scene participant Steven Danno, whose "48 Crash" zine introduced many of us to the band.

Limited run of 300 copies.

Sorry these are so expensive...

TRANS 262 Side
Don't Hold Me Down
Never Ending
Ice Trip
ME 262 Side
Neon Days
Dog City
Life In Black And White
ME 262 Flexi
Feel Like I'm Gonna Die
End Journey

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